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High powered cloud compute with full root access





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Cloud balanced compute/storage nodes

Compute cluster

High core count servers


Openstack powered compute instances, highly scaleable, highly available, dedicated resources available along with dedicated drive resources.

Storage cluster

High availability storage


Get an unlimited amount of 8TB or 18TB drives added to your cloud instance directly from our storage cluster - Non shared disks with guaranteed performance

Green DC Operations

Green power operations in all of our datacenters ensure as low an environmental impact as possible

Tier4 Datacenter

We operate our infrastructure from the highest rated datacenter in the Netherlands, designed to operate under the worst conditions without downtime

Reliable network

We operate our own multi Tbit network powered entirely by state of the art Nokia networking gear - Fully redundant backbone connected to several tier1 transit providers

Why opt for hostingby

We strive to provide something unique for every client!

Industry leading pricing

Focus on value first and foremost without going down on quality

Quick assistance

We cover almost every hour of the day and strive to provide quick, efficient help

Instant setup

Our automated system provides your service within minutes of payment

Automated billing

We know that the last thing you want is for your service to go down - We offer automated payments on a range of platforms

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This will be the new name/home for our company moving forward, same solid base, same team, same company behind just a new structure, future and combined place for all of our products.

If you are in doubt on this, reach out via ticket, on our discord or send us an email on sales@hostingby.design