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Enterprise grade gear hosted in Dallas

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Exceptional quality at affordable prices

Never Make Your Users Wait Again.


Permanent Cache. Permanent Performance.


Coodiv-Cache allows you to permanently store a copy of your files on our edge storage for a 100% cache HIT ratio. Experience maximum performance, even with uncached content.


Bringing users where it matters.


SmartEdge™ routing engine uses real-time analytics based on your content and network metrics to make sure your users always end up at the most optimal destination.

Never Make Your Users Wait Again.

Optimizer automatically minifies, compresses and optimizes your static files on the fly and provides.

Easy Let's Encrypt SSL!

Get a free SSL certificate with a click of a button using our simple Lets Encrypt integration.

Real-time Log Forwarding

Real-time logging allow you to gain complete visibility into your content and make data-driven business decisions.

Real-Time Monitoring

Get full insight into your traffic using our next generation real-time monitoring dashboard.

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This will be the new name/home for our company moving forward, same solid base, same team, same company behind just a new structure, future and combined place for all of our products.

If you are in doubt on this, reach out via ticket, on our discord or send us an email on