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Virtualized hosting

Affordable virtual machines with options for dedicated storage drives.

€15.95 Estimated price per month
App hosting

Professional application hosting

Streamlined, hassle-free hosting service for your software applications.

€6.59 Per month
Dedicated server

Enterprise hardware

Fast networks, high tier datacenters multiple locations.

€30.95 Starting price

The most frequently
chosen package

Experience seamless application hosting with our Application hosting environment! Say goodbye to system maintenance hassles and unlock the freedom to install various self-hosted applications effortlessly. Elevate your digital experience today.

Hosting by Design - App slot Panel
Most popular package

Application hosting



  • Capacity4TB
  • Outgoing data10TB
  • SSH AccessIncluded
  • Unlimited incoming data
  • Large selection of apps
  • High core count servers
  • Minimum 10Gbit uplink
  • Enterprise harddrives
  • Setup timeLess than 2 minutes!

Good reason to switch to us now.

We've been providing hosting packages since 2013 - Hostingby.design is a new consolidation of multiple brands under the HNielsen Technologies umbrella. With a combined 75 years of hosting experience in house you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Great uptime

Designed to stay in operation even under the worst conditions

Redundant network Redundant power Active monitoring

Support with ease

We love our clients and we do our utmost to keep everyone happy!

Friendly staff Experienced Knowledgeable


Modern hosting companies rely heavily on automation, we are no different

Automated setup Automated invoicing Automated payment (Optional)


We aim to be the value leaders on the market

Stable low pricing Dependable price structure Regular upgrades at no cost

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This will be the new name/home for our company moving forward, same solid base, same team, same company behind just a new structure, future and combined place for all of our products.

If you are in doubt on this, reach out via ticket, on our discord or send us an email on sales@hostingby.design